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or delve into the essence of the problem:
Relevance of computer models in remote business trainings



    The need to update the technologies of doing business, the introduction of modern management models and the organization of processes requires adequate methods of professional development of teachers. The best option for professional development is considered to be the organization of business trainings. Business training is a special form of professional training, which takes into account the nuances and peculiarities of a particular field of activity. The business training is aimed at improving the efficiency of teachers' work and at the practical use of the acquired knowledge by students. Business training in Russian is a business game, it is:

Х imitation of various aspects of professional activity, social interaction;
Х active orientation to professional tasks in the behavior of the teacher (coach) and the whole group;
Х the predominance of professional competencies over the moral and psychological qualities of the individual.

    For a reliable imitation of professional activity, ideally, a real-life object is required. However, in practice, the use of an existing facility for training is associated with the inevitable risks of erroneous actions of trainees with unpredictable consequences. Constantly developing computer technologies make it possible to simulate various training objects with a high degree of reliability, and the consequences of errors are completely excluded.

    Business modeling is the process of developing and implementing various business models of an organization (strategy, business processes, organizational structure, quality, etc.) in order to formalize and optimize its activities. A business model is a formalized description (for example, graphic) of a certain aspect or area of activity of an organization. At the heart of the www Internet project.Rodigin.The Russian Federation is a virtual model of a four-star motel to test theoretical knowledge formulated in case studies of production situations, the ability to solve tasks and develop skills by replicating in a business training of hotel management.

    Currently, there is an impressive variety of management modeling techniques and methods, including the development and implementation of a balanced BSC/ KPI system; description of business processes; analysis, optimization, improvement of the quality of business processes; business process management on a long-term basis; functional cost analysis (FSA) and simulation modeling; description and optimization of the organizational structure, the number of personnel; construction of personnel motivation systems; construction and organization of the functioning of the quality management system (ISO 9000); project management (including PMBOK Ц Project management body of knowledge); building a comprehensive business model of the organization; benchmarking; Lean, 6 Sigma; TQM (universal quality management), as well as various industry methods and standards and developments of consulting companies. The main feature of business modeling is that it should be based on business processes. It is the business process management system (SMS) that is the foundation on which a large number of other management systems and technologies are built. Therefore, the following tasks are being solved in our Internet project:

Х Definition of the content, development of the composition and architecture of computer models of the hotel and the hospitality market;
Х Development of the algorithm and program codes of the virtual hotel functionality;
Х Adaptation of existing business models to the conditions of hospitality;
Х Development of a methodology for using computer models in business training of hotel management.

    In the management of enterprises, modern computer technologies make it possible to model the object, and information and communication technologies Ц the subject of management. We have developed a business on-line game for the middle management of enterprises on the example of organizing the activities of hotel booking services. A motel was chosen as a modeling object for the following reasons:

Х star rating restrictions Ц the ceiling of quality characteristics for motels according to the European classification is limited to four stars, which is closer to the real conditions of Russia than 5 stars;
Х motels are actively being built, sold and bought along long, again, Russian, highways

    This means that the motel is more in demand for potential Russian personnel.
    The motel model is designed for business training of middle management, focused on the quality of guest service and allows you to organize:

Х Situational business trainings
The business is replete with various non-standard situations that can significantly complicate the entire workflow. Situational business trainings allow a person to competently assess the current situation, determine the optimal ways to solve a particular problem;
Х Trainings on conflict resolution
Conflicts do not arise from scratch. Each conflict has its own background, its own understandable and logical reasons. And if these reasons are identified at the initial stage, then the consequences of a conflict situation can be avoided. With the help of specialized trainings, a person will be able to regulate the resolution of interpersonal conflicts;
Х Effective sales trainings
Effective sales business trainings include a set of activities covering many aspects of the professional activity of a commercial enterprise.

    For top management, the reference point is the niche of the motel in the market. The market situation is simulated by the computer model of the oligarchic market "Delta", freely distributed in Russia by the Heinz Nixdorf Foundation (www.nixdorf.ru ). In conditions of oligopoly, the supply on the market is determined by the actions of a few equal sellers, and the demand is formed by small potential buyers. In such a model, competitors' maneuvers are immediately felt by all market participants. For the success of the activity, top management must take into account the actions of competitors, the quality of products, market features and determine its marketing strategy. The model allows you to organize managerial business trainings.

    Managerial business trainings are a good opportunity for the head of an enterprise to improve his professional qualities. With the help of these trainings, the manager will be able to better understand the management process itself, form leadership qualities.
    The novelty of the Internet project
www.–одигин.–‘ in distance learning is defined as follows.
1. A computer model of a motel, algorithms and program codes of the functionality of hotel models have been developed and introduced into the educational process;
2. A set of specific requirements for the information system of computer modeling of a hotel in the hospitality market is formulated, providing:

Х targeting economically prepared users of the hotel model who have computer training not lower than the level of the average Russian school;
Х reliability of models when creating, storing and reproducing management workflow;
Х high level of reliability of virtual production situations;
Х multiple use of any elements and components of computer models;
Х mandatory inclusion of the market environment when describing models.

3. The methodology of using computer models in the business training of hotel management has been developed and implemented, including situational business trainings, trainings on conflict management, effective sales trainings and managerial business trainings.

    The theoretical significance of the Internet project lies in the methodological support of business training based on improving the functionality of models of the hospitality management information system.
    The practical significance of the research lies in the introduction of computer models of the motel and the hospitality market into the educational process. From December 2013 to May 2022, more than 2,000 people participated in the games, which, in our opinion, is an impressive approbation. The actual results of the training can be viewed

    It is believed that up to 90% of the material learned during the training is gradually forgotten. The reasons for this are different: whether the expectations of the participants were met, whether the training corresponded to the real need for training and the state of affairs in the company after the training, etc. Methodically, training is provided using the motel model in two stages: a system of tasks according to a linear management scheme on the example of a motel administrator and a functional management scheme on the example of a sales manager. The time gap between the training stages reached from 6 to 10 months. The participants of the second part of the training had enough 2 hours to remember the main functions of the hotel administrator. Such a rapid recovery of knowledge is directly related to the systematization, structuring and formalization of subject knowledge, the formulation and algorithmization of problem solving in a computer model and the development of skills in the training process. Moreover, since the core of the system is the same, training in a new more complex subject area is easier to organize, participants focus faster, adjust to a businesslike mood and accept the rules of the game. This means that the learning process is more efficient. For teachers, this means an increase in labor productivity, expressed in the service (if education is a service) of a larger number of students per unit of study time - according to our estimates, twice.

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